Birthdays on Holidays ...who has one?

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  1. Anybody here have their birthdays during a specific holiday?
    New year's, xmas, halloween...etc...
    Do you love it or hate it?

    I'm a christmas baby and loove it...all the family is always there to celebrate!!
  2. My birthday isn't on a holiday- it's actuallly today! But my father's birthday is Christmas Eve.
  3. Happpppy Bdaaaay Faith :heart:

    My Bday is on the 31 of Dec:yahoo: New year's eve
  4. Faith, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    I was born on Labor Day... ironic eh?? :roflmfao:
  5. Happy birthday Faith!!

    Megs ...that is trully ironic..I bet your mom gets lots of smart comments about it too!!
  6. Happy Birthday Faith!! I used to know someone born on Christmas but she celebrated it a different day during the year.
  7. My birthday is on Groundhog's Day. It is a minor holiday, of course, but I still get jokes about it. I don't mind, it is cute.
  8. I wasn't born on a holiday, but I know several people who were:

    - a girl i went to school with has a birthday on Christmas also... i remember when we were in younger, she didn't like it because she felt like she only got gifts and a party just once a year. i'm sure she grew out of that by now, and it's nice to have everyone around to celebrate both!

    - one of my cousins was born in St. Patrick's day, I have a friend who was born on Halloween, and another friend born on Valentine's day

    - not sure if this counts, but I also have a friend who was born on New Year's Eve

    - doesn't count as a holiday, but one of my younger distant cousins is a leap year baby, so her actual birthday (Feb. 29) only comes around every four years.
  9. No birthday on a holiday but I have 2 sisters and we were all married on holidays (one on a holiday weekend)

    My older sister married on the 4th of July.
    I married on New Years' Eve
    My younger sister was married Memorial Day weekend.:yes:
  10. Me too! another fellow groundhog! I always watch the movie on my birthday.
  11. My bday isnt on a holiday but my sister in laws is on Christmas.
    I wish mine was that would mean double presents. :yahoo: :yahoo:
  12. Happy Birthday to Faith!!! ^^ :yahoo:

    I was born on St Georges Day (23rd April) so people just tend to fly the English flag and get drunk on my birthday. Unfortunatly though we don't get the day off work!
  13. my bday is president's day weekend. everyone is away for the holiday weekend, and no one is around.. and no one has money left cuz if they have a SO, they spent all/most of it on their SO (feb 19 is my bday. so you can guess where the money went!).

    i usually celebrate my bday 1-2 weeks after. but as a kid growing up, i thought that we got that monday in february off because it was my birthday. :biggrin: haha.
  14. My mother does! She was born and married on New Year's Eve, and my dad has still managed to forget all three. ;)

    My birthay is St. Jean-Baptiste day, if that counts. All of Quebec gets drunk in my honour. ;)

  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: