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  1. My birthday is coming up on March 24. What should I get. I want a "piece", for instance, a beautiful bag or perhaps a beautiful ring or earings. For a bag I would spend about 2000 or under and jewellery maybe 3000 a little more or a little less. I really want a nice piece ofjewellery this year, but I can't find anything I like, anyone have any ideas?
  2. David Yurman has gorgeous jewelry....
  3. I don't like his jewelry. It is too bulky for me.
  4. I have some very understated pieces that aren't bulky at all... Just an idea.
  5. A beautiful Chanel bag would be nice, don't you think?
  6. Something memorable that you'll have forever, and love! Everytime you look at it you'll be reminded of when you were this young!
  7. Yes yes but what
  8. Would you mind giving us some more information about yourself? Like what kind of jewlery do you have currently, or what is your general style like? Would you consider maybe getting a really nice watch (love Cartier)? I also think that you can't go wrong with anything Chanel.
  9. I have beautiful pearl earings, I have a chopard floating diamond watch (square), chopard Love necklace (the heart one), I have a LV charm necklace.
  10. Have you thought about Bvlgari jewelry? Since you like Chopard, I think some Bvlgari might look really nice.
  11. how about a nice ring? or watch? i think either of these would be great :amuse: for a birthday present... im not too great with brand names, but anything you like would be best!