Birthday WOC reveal :)

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  1. I received this for my birthday a few days ago. It is the 19P Chevron Envelope WOC in what I believe is a shiny goatskin? The color is a perfect shade of red with orange undertones and the hardware is light gold. What's really great about this particular envelope style is that the whole back of the bag is a pocket! Amazing!

    Thank you for letting me share :heart:




  2. Really gorgeous!

    I hope you enjoy it for a long time to come! Thanks for sharing!
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  3. It’s a perfect red. Congratulation and Happy birthday to you.
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  4. Happy belated birthday, what a great gift !

    I love this style of woc it’s very vintage-y and the colour is sublime, enjoy!
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  5. Happy birthday!! And what a beautiful WOC to celebrate. Congrats and enjoy!
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  6. I have been eyeing this too.
    Does it comes with button closure or magnegtic closure? Tx!
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  7. Your Woc is lovely, congrats! Do you know if the black also has light gold hardware?
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  8. Happy birthday and enjoy your absolutely stunning WOC!
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  9. It's magnetic which I LOOOOVE! I also have a Boy WOC from 2017 and love it to death because of that magnetic closure. It fits so much more than the snap on the classics because it's more secure.
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  10. Yes, I was told it does. Although the store was sold out of the black version at the time so I didn't see that one in person. I think both colors in this style can be seen now on the Chanel website as it's new for 19P.
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  11. I love that you think it looks vintage-y as that was just what I wanted! Thank you.
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  12. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
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