Birthday Weekend Reveal..

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  1. So it was my 24th weekend this past weekend & I had a very hard time deciding what to get but at the end this is what I came home with...
    Picture 1.jpg
  2. Presenting my Favorite PM.. I'm still having my doubts because the DE Eva was so beautiful aswell so if anyone has any additional comments about my choice please reply
    Picture 2.jpg Picture 4.jpg Picture 5.jpg
  3. LVoely!!! Personally, I prefer it in Mono to DE... Congratulation and Happy birthday! :smile:
  4. wow so beautiful.
  5. Very nice! Congrats and happy birthday! :smile:
  6. Love it! Happy birthday!
  7. its beautiful ..congrats
  8. Congrats .. lovely choice and I vote for keeping it in your beautiful collection:smile:
  9. Love your choice! Personally prefer the eva in DE, but this is a beautiful bag as well - haha kind of have my eye on it now too - aahh tpf is evil :P
  10. Lol but to be a tiny bit more helpful, I think it depends how you want to wear it - I find the favorite looks better on the shoulder then the eva, but prefer the look of the eva when worn cross-body, IMHO

    Hope you love and enjoy your birthday bag! :smile:
  11. Congrats, I think the Favorite is so beautiful!!! I'd love to have one too!
  12. Pretty :smile: Congrats!
  13. Happy birthday ! She 's beautiful, a lovely choice :smile:
  14. Beautiful.. when you get a chance will you post pics of the interior?
  15. I have the Eva in DE and LVoe it, BUT, I am also thinking about getting the Favorite. They are similar and yet different in that the Favorite is a little bigger and the interior is so pretty too! I love both Mono and DE, so enjoy your beautiful Favorite, and maybe later you can add the Eva in DE to your collection! Congrats!