Birthday unboxing!

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  1. Welp, my birthday gift arrived! It's a gorgeous color in person!!

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  2. Beautiful! Congratulations and happy birthday!!
  3. Beautiful! Congratulations and Happy birthday!!
  4. Gorgeous!! Congrats and happy birthday!!!
  5. You made the right choice! This color is perfect. Wear it around the house and enjoy! :smile:
  6. That’s amazing. Congrats!!
  7. The pink is so lovely! Congratulations!!
  8. Beautiful bag!!! Congratulations and happy birthday!!!
  9. gorgeous color! Happy birthday:love:
  10. Lovely. Happy birthday.
  11. Happy Birthday!!! :drinks:
    Gorgeous birthday present :love:
    I think you made the right choice ;)
    One of the prettiest shade of pinks from Chanel :hbeat:

  12. Thank you all so much!! much needed at a time like this.. I'll have fun staring at it at home haha :heart:
  13. Happy birthday, wow that is stunning - congratulations!
  14. Happy birthday!!!
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  15. Happy Birthday! May I ask if that pic shows the true color in real life?