Birthday time, birthday time, what to do?

  1. Ok, so I wanna get something for myself for my birthday at the end of the month. But...I have no idea what I should get! Hmm. I need suggestions! I probably wont actually end up getting until in May or June since I have to save up the moolah, but still....I'm mainly a shoulder bag kinda girl, but I dunno if I would want to get another bag since I've pretty much used my papillion ever since I got it. I have a treo - no need for an agenda....I just dont know!!!:shrugs:
  2. What price range are you looking for??

    What about a Baggy PM?
  3. Well since you're a shoulder bag girl like myself, and it's going to be spring/summer, I suggest..

    drumroll please..


    I've been drooling over this bag more and more lately.
  4. What about a neo speedy in denim.
  5. what about something off the beaten path, maybe something in inclusion?
  6. oh, wait....maybe some shoes ???
  7. How about a petite Noe?
  8. maybe a zippy wallet?
  9. Hmm, maybe. I do love the bracelets, but I always have a problem with things where you can't change the size....most of the time they're too big.
  10. I'll have to check out the you know if there are there any pics in the "info" thread? I'll have to check out the pics of the petite noe and the baggy too...I like the neo speedy, but I honestly dont think I'd ever use it. I actually have a vintage mono 25, and it is rarely ever used, even though its definately more of a "winter weather/snow/sleet/rain" bag than my papillion! (Dude, it SNOWED today in Oklahoma!)
  11. Oh its my 21st... and im getting the manhattan PM... I have been dying for this bag for AGES!
    My boyfriend is buying my the Beverly Clutch... IM DYING FOR IT AHHHHHHHHHH
  12. My suggestions:

    Sunglasses- Honey Glitter Obsessions [only $425 USD!]
    DA Saleya MM
    Batignolles Vertical
    Petit Bucket
  13. Wallet or sunglasses. I tried some on today and now I am obsessed!!!
  14. get Damier Azur Saleya GM!!
  15. What about the following:

    Damier azur saleya
    Batignolles horizontal
    Denim baggy
    Viva cite MM
    Poppincourt haut