Birthday Surprises

  1. I was thinking this morning about my sisters upcoming birthday. I wanted to do something unique, not just the normal happy hour. I wanted to hear about your birthday party surprises or gifts.

    I will start with mine. My sister and husband planned a surprise for my 30th in Dec. They took me to the Pizza place, a local Chuckee Cheese type, that we all used to go to as kids and threw me a surprise little kid party. All of friends from my childhood and present were there and my parents even drove in. That night my husband took both of our families out to dinner. I still get teary when I think about all the plans they put into it.

    So now tell me about yours!! :party:
  2. This is something I did for my sister-in-law's birthday. I bought a few bags of those river rocks that are quite flat, a pen with gold ink that writes on all surfaces, and a really pretty glass container.

    I had a party for my sister-in-law, and asked each guest to take a rock and write a few things they love about the birthday girl on it. At the end of the party, she got to take home a pretty glass container filled with little rocks and a lot of reminders why she is a great person. She loved it!!!
  3. ^^so sweet!!!! She is lucky to have a SIL lime you!

    CalamityJean---That WAS a nice suprise party!! I love sweet stories!:heart:
  4. This isn't terribly creative, but for my sister's birthday one year, she came to visit me near that time. I took her to a concert with her favorite singer, we had great seats, and I hired a car to drive us there and back--really 1st class treatment, which she hardly ever gets at home. It was special because she'd never seen him perform live and we were up close.

    Anything that shows someone has put some thought into the event/gift makes it special for me; amount of money involved is immaterial. Calamity Jean, that's why your story is so good--it was thought and some time, not the money, that made it so special.