Birthday Surprises Mini Haul Reveal :)

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  1. My mom, SA and store manager surprised me with a marvelous Italian lunch and a little shop afterward and i thought I'd post my goodies in a quick reveal. I'm getting ready for a trip back to the UK, focusing on Scotland where my ancestors are from, so I'm in the midst of a ban and these were welcome little surprises :smile:

    The embossed mini trunk was a gift from my SA and LVMH for my birthday. She knows I've been wanting something special in which to keep my grandmother's art deco ring. It includes a little insert for the ring or can just be used as a keepsake box.

    The rest of the pics are of some of my new wee beauties hiding in their boxes and dusters. :tender:

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  2. Pocket organizers in damier cobalt and the new monogram cobalt which I adore and hope to see more of; epi figue pochette accessories which I've been trying to find for several months since the colour was so limited; wee vernis Magenta Brea (not sure if it's a PM or BB, but it's adorable now that I'm on this small bag kick!) and a gorgeous (somewhat wrinkled from wear the last few days) bandeau.

    Thank you all for sharing with me! :flowers:

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  3. Beautiful!! Great surprises! Congrats!!
  4. Beautiful! Is that pochette blueberry?
    Oops just read it's figue. Love it!
  5. Here are blueberry and figue next to each other for colour reference :smile: with flash they look very similar but they're definitely totally different shades.

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  6. thank you so much for posting those comparison shots. both are just gorgeous!
  7. You're welcome! I'm starting to develop a bad epi pochette addiction. Praying they make it in Blueberry or hot pink!

    and I love how the vernis bags are now coming with a polishing cloth!
  8. Wow - gorgeous choices! The Bree is stunning and so is the pochette. Happy birthday!
  9. Wow, not such a mini haul! Love that little box! Love your new Brea PM in magenta. I have the Clemence wallet in this color and the color just makes me happy!! Congrats on everything!!
  10. Happy Birthday! Lovely gifts - and my you enjoy them for years to come!
  11. Happy Birthday! All your items are great, especially that Brea.
  12. Lovely birthday goodies! You are so lucky that your SA found a figue pochette for you (thought those are all gone). Have a great trip.
  13. I thought so too!! When she pulled it out I literally shrieked and snatched it :sm0:
  14. As always, gorgeous haul girl! Love it all. How do you keep track of all your goodies? LOL Do you have a log for rotation? :P

    Thanks for sharing. :heart:
  15. Happy Birthday! If you love Scotland and love to read, the you may like the Outlander series. I started reading it over 10 years ago and was thrilled when they turned it into a series on Starz. But for real, the books are better and quite Scottish. Just a suggestion.....