Birthday shopping trip!

  1. well, I finally went on my big shopping trip to manchester but 1 didn't end up buying as much as I thought I would! I took 1200 with me and ended up coming back with over 700. I bought a speedy 30 and wapity in monogram and my boyfriend bought me the pochette wallet. needless to say I had a great birthday! oh, and my boyfriend saw Jeremy kyle on the way back to our car! I am going to try posting a picture soon as I am writing this on the PDA I bought, so want to have a fiddle with it! ! !
  2. Congrats! Can't wait to see some pics!
  3. Aww congrats and happy birthday!
  4. Congratulations & Happy Birthday!
  5. congrats on your new goodies and Happy Birthday!
  6. Congrats and Happy Birthday :balloon:
  7. congrats & happy b-day!
  8. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!!
  9. Congrats and Happy B-Day!
  10. Congrats and Happy Birthday!

    P.S, I am so jealous that you saw Jeremy Kyle, as i secretly fancy him, shh!
  11. Happy Birthday! : )
  12. lol Jeremy Kyle what a legend! congrats and Happy Birthday!
  13. Happy Birthday and congrats on your new goodies!
  14. Congrats on the great new goodies! Happy Birthday!
  15. Congrats on your new LV's. Please post pics so we can droll. Happy birthday.