Birthday Scarf

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  1. This year I am planning to choose a scarf for my birthday but I cannot decide which brand. If you had a choice, which kind of scarf would you choose? I am leaning toward Gucci, but I would like your opinion?

    LV or
  2. LV forsure!
  3. What kind of scarf? My dream scarf is Leopard Stephan. Not fan of silk.
  4. Not a fan of silk either. Go for LV!
  5. I'd go Hermes; I think the designs are so beautiful!
  6. LV! though I am biased I got the Azur Stole for my birthday! and I lvoe it! I gotta say that Hermes does have amazing colors and designs on their scarves.
  7. Just get the one you like best. Go by style, not brand.
  8. There are also some Chanel scarves on Bidz right now. I picked some up for Christmas (and I'm not usually a Chanel girl).

    But of the 3 above I'd have to go with LV. There are a few pieces I have my eye on.
  9. What kind of scarf are we talking about?

    If you mean like a silk scarf, I think the bijou bandeaus from LV are amazing.
  10. I'm thinking a small 22 by 22" or so.
  11. For a long pashmina-like scarf, I say one of the LV Stoles.

    For a silk scarf or bandanas, I vote for you checking out Chanel.

    I don't know about Gucci scarves, but none have ever caught my attention. I do not like Hermes scarves (or anything really) - the scarves seem so "busy" to me - too much & over-designed.
  12. I'd get the leopard stole in gris. It's on my wishlist (:
  13. Well, I got a LV scarf last year, but it is so fragile... So got a Gucci one this year and just seems to be a bit better quality....

    But I love the Hermes silk scarves, have some old ones after my grandmother, from 1960 or so and they are still beautyfull!!
  14. LV, but im a lil bias :P
  15. I think each brand has a lot of interesting designs to offer. With LV, I'm loving the Monogram map square.