Birthday reveal!!

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    I am in Paris for my birthday and I got myself quite a few birthday gifts IMG_1506612784.254716.jpg

    I will do the reveal of the biggest box

    A peep at the handle


    Kelly 32 in rouge vif togo leather with GHW, isn't this the best birthday present ever?

    Thanks for letting me share!!
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  3. Happy birthday! What a great way to celebrate!
  4. Happy happy birthday!!!! What a gorgeous bag!! And LOVE your quick reveal!
  5. Best birthday present! Enjoy your day! :heart:
  6. Gorgeous. Congrats and happy birthday to you!
  7. What’s in those other boxes tho
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  8. I'm waiting for the other boxes
  9. congrats and happy birthday!
  10. Happy birthday!! Now.... what could be in the other orange boxes?!?!?
  11. Wow, that is just beautiful. What a rich shade of red. Hope you share peeks of the other boxes!
  12. Happy Birthday!!!
    Love the way you do reveals -- straight to the big box!! Nice!
  13. Gorgeous!!! Amd thank you for posting your stunning new bag without drama!!!
    My kind of reveal. I'll check back to see your other goodies, too.
    Happy birthday!!! Mine was the 23rd.