Birthday reveal

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  1. Very excited to reveal my 1941 birthday mom completely spoiled me this year...we had a lovely lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, and in between courses, she gave me the flax saddle bag w/eggplant leather lining - the one I've been eyeing forever! I was SO EXCITED AND GRATEFUL. And THEN, later, before our delicious dessert arrived, she gave me the pistachio Dinky bag - one of my favorite colors! And the emoji charm I got is TOO cute! I felt like crying because I do not think I deserved this...One bag would have been more than enough. My mom is my best friend - I was just excited to spend my birthday weekend with her. She introduced me to Coach - and bags! - and has the most incredible style. I don't think she gives herself enough credit; she is so pretty, and smart, and STRONG. I love her so much. At any rate, I have carried my saddle bag all week and gotten so many compliments on it. I carry it and think of her. Thank you, mom.

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  2. They are beautiful! Happy birthday and congrats!
  3. Happy Birthday! Your mom is wonderful! ��
  4. Happy birthday! Gorgeous bags and wonderful mom.
  5. Happy birthday! Your mom sounds very sweet and loving.......and you're a darling daughter! Have fun with your special bags!
  6. Congrats on your beautiful bags!! Your mom sounds wonderful! :smile:
  7. What a wonderful Mom and a wonderful daughter you are, too! Happy Birthday! She knows how to make sure you have a great birthday! Congratulations on your beautiful bags, and twins on the Dinky Emoji charm - I love that one!
  8. Congrats on your beautiful bags. Your Mom sounds awesome! Glad you had a lovely birthday celebration with her.
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Those are two beautiful bags...and great memories they will have!
  10. Happy Birthday! Great bags and an awesome Mom!
  11. Congrats and I am glad you are having a wonderful birthday Palooza!
    And, i think you have a vacation week coming up - yes? Mine isn't until the end of the month...I think I can survive - 5 more outfits:P!
  12. Such lovely gifts, happy birthday!
  13. Thank you all so much! And yes, I do have a wonderful, warm, intelligent, funny and fun mom. I am very lucky :smile: It was a very special day. (My mom has a way of turning days into special ones.) I love her so much.
  14. Hope you enjoy your beautiful birthday beauties.
  15. I'm so happy for you. You have a fantastic mom and she has a wonderful daughter.

    P.S. gorgeous bags!