Birthday Reveal!!!

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  1. Stunning bag![emoji7]
    Such a wonderful gift/fiancé!! Go fiancé![emoji122] Great job!!!

    Pretty luggage tag! As for application, there are a couple of videos on YT, that may be helpful. Search: how to apply LV luggage tag.

    And, the wallet is a cutie! [emoji7]

    Enjoy your lovely items!!! You deserve it![emoji173]️[emoji6]

  2. Yes!
    Didn't see your comment.
  3. Congrats !!!!! Great choices !!!!!
  4. Thank u loves for the bday greets and cheers! [emoji7] So so happy! [emoji4]

  5. Happy birthday! Love your items! The Victorine is really a big wallet in a small size! I haven't seen the detail on this before. Thank you for the detailed pics!
  6. Kmazz39 and Exquisite_lam thank u so much ladies for the tips! I thought it was gonna be easy. Hahaha

    I'll be off to youtube to find the how-to video.

    Appreciate the help dearies!
  7. Here ya' go, I hope this helps!! I have the DE luggage tag on my DE Neverfull GM and think it adds just a bit of pop!! Post a pic when you get it put on.
  8. Cute congrats! Happy birthday!
  9. Happy Birthday and many congrats on your beautiful items! Enjoy them!
  10. Happy Birthday!! Do you know if the Victorine comes in Azur?
  11. #26 Apr 2, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2016
    Lovely birthday presents, congrats!
  12. beautiful LV's - congrats!
  13. Congrats on your professional achievement and happy birthday! Thank you for Sharon your lovely haul with us--enjoy!

    I appreciate your detailed pics of your beautiful little wallet! So cute!

  14. You're welcome, hun![emoji4]

  15. Girl u are awesome! [emoji8] that link is what i need!

    I think i did ok now, right?

    My SA asked me at the store if i would like to have her attach the luggage tag but said no i can handle it. But nooooo. Hahahaha. I feel so dumb. Lol

    Lesson learned, i'll let her do it next time she offers.
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