Birthday Reveal!!!

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  1. April is my birthday month and recently got an award at work as employee of the year [emoji4] so i decided to get myself something nice! The fiance also surprised me with a birthday gift. Woohoo! I am a happy kid! Who's up for a reveal?
  2. Here! Happy birthday!!!
  3. Here! Happy birthday! :presents:partyhat:
  4. Happy birthday and congratulations on the achievement!
    Let's see.
  5. #5 Apr 2, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2016
    Happy Birthday!!![emoji322][emoji323][emoji322][emoji324][emoji512][emoji126][emoji483][emoji162]
    Yes, congrats on an outstanding award! Woohoo!!![emoji322][emoji323][emoji322]
    [emoji7] those boxes!!! So exciting! Let's see what you got!
  6. Happy weekend everyone! This is my first time doing a reveal and also fairly new to wonderful world pf LV. So please bear with me if i miss anything.

    Let's start with the bday gift from the fiance [emoji7]

  7. Very pretty!!!
  8. Next i got something myself something i can add to the siena pm


    But it was an epic fail because i cant figure out how to attach it right. LMAO [emoji28]


    If someone can tell me the right way to do it, please let me know how. [emoji23]
  9. Happy birthday! Lovely items.
  10. Beautiful choice. Congrats on your award and your lovely bag and gift!
  11. Lovely bag!
  12. And lastly, i rewarded myself with this beauty.


    The new Victorine wallet in Rose Ballerine [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
  13. Love all your items! I have the exact same K luggage tag you!! I went on You Tube and searched "how to attach Louis Vuitton luggage tag" or something like that and found a good one. The trick is a small twist to the leather strap as you put it around. If I find the video I'll link it to you.
  14. The RB crossgrain leather feels and smells so good!

    More detailed shots in case anyone's interested


    For size reference, here's a side by side shot of the Victorine with my Empriente Cles in RB
  15. Congratulations on your achievement, your new purchases and happy birthday!!
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