Birthday reveal :)

  1. very nice, happy bday!
  2. Congrats and happy birthday:smile:
  3. Very pretty!! Congrats and happy birthday!! :smile:
  4. cute! congrats!
  5. Congrats & Happy Birthday~!!! :balloon::balloon::balloon:
  6. Happy Birthday and congratulations
  7. So pretty! Happy Birthday!
  8. You have a sweet DH..and nice LV collection. Congrats.
  9. oh pretty Eva, I like your collection, sounds like you had a nice birthday :smile:
  10. Happy birthday, great gift
  11. Beautiful!
  12. Love the bag. But think u have an amazing husband also x
  13. Very cute; congrats!
  14. So pretty! Congratulations and happy birthday!
  15. Love her - congrats! I think the Eva is just stunning in Azur!