Birthday Reveal! Who's here?

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  1. So I decided I needed to make a little trip to LV today to pick myself up a little birthday gift to myself from myself. :smile:
    As soon as my daughter heard where I was going she just HAD to join me. She needed a lock and key for her Speedy.
    It was crazy busy but as soon as we walked in we were greeted and served. I chose my little beauty and was about to pay when my daughter whips out her debit card and says 'happy birthday Mom, I got this!'. Wow I was not expecting that! She then treated me to a lovely dinner at one of our favorite restaurants!
    And my birthday isn't until next week. :smile:

    So..... Who's here to see what my little brown bag holds?

  2. I'm here! :yes:
  3. Any guesses?

  4. Here!
  5. Here
  6. I'm here!
  7. A wee little hint.... :smile:


  8. here!
  9. Oohh how exciting! Happy birthday next week! What a great daughter you have!!

    Open, open!
  10. image-2196346225.jpg


    I am just too excited and impatient to drag this out! Lol
    My DE Cles! Made in France! :smile:
  11. Here. A charm?
  12. Congrats and happy early birthday. You have such a nice daughter. The DE Cles is my all time favorite SLG.
  13. Very nice! And Happy Birthday
  14. Love the Cles! Happy Birthday!
  15. lovely cutie~!