** Birthday Reveal, present from DH **

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  1. My gorgeous kind and thoughtful husband presented me with this box this morning for my birthday

    I'd had my suspicions it was a Gucci handbag after wanting this particular one for sometime, seeing it on sale here on Gucci.com in the UK but still contemplating as earlier in the week i'd purchased another bag (it's sale time after all!) Anyway by the time I'd made my decision to pull the trigger it had gone out of stock! My heart sank a little bit and it made me realise how much I had really wanted it. I told DH and he said to wait and see what arrives on your birthday... I knew!!! ((he's well trained ))








    ️ The Gucci Emily (large) in black
  2. Wow! Wear it good health! & happy birthday!
  3. Happy Birthday!

    And what a lovely, thoughtful DH you have, wear and enjoy :happydance:
  4. Oh wow it's beautiful! Congrats and happy birthday!
  5. Beautiful Bag and a very thoughtful hubby! :tup: Happy Birthday! ;)
  6. great choice your hubby made! Beautiful bag.
    Happy Birthday!
  7. You married well :biggrin:
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  8. I have this in two sizes. Awesome bag. Enjoy it

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  9. Happy Birthday! Give hubby a kiss, it's Fabulous!
  10. I love this bag! How sweet of your DH! Enjoy your new bag and Happy Birthday :smile:!
  11. Happy Birthday! Gucci Emily in black with the gold hardware is absolutely gorgeous! :love: Congratulations!
  12. Happy birthday and congrats!! What a sweet DH!
  13. What a thoughtful husband! Lovely surprise, lovely bag! Happy Birthday
  14. Wow, what a stunning bag! :heart: The Emily has been on my wish-list for a long time and seeing this has just made me want it even more!

    Your husband has done VERY well! :cool: Happy birthday! :flowers:
  15. Beautiful bag! Mod shots please :smile: