Birthday reveal: my first brand new LV

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  1. Hello all

    I've been lurking for weeks just to read tons of tips and valuable info from this helpful forum before even registered as a member here.
    I just want to share my first new LV story...

    I received this baby as a belated birthday's gift from my dear-love husband. The reason it was late is because we had to drive to our neighbouring state to get it. We've been to the only boutique in our city twice but left with money was still in the pocket LOL. We didn't make a purchase on the first visit because of the quality, it wasn't in the best shape nor I would like to take it home. It's a small boutique with small selection, eventually the SA ordered another one for me. 3 days later they called me coming in to pick it up. To my surprise this one arrived even worst than the first one , talking about badly done craftsmanship! The canvas was cut way over the standard measurement, so when the maker placed and sewed the trim in over the canvas by force, tried to fit it into the part where it covered the bottom part of the bag, it caused a big bulging and also altered the shape of the bag. When flipping the bag over to look at the bottom of the bag, anyone can tell it right away it's a defective bag because of the uneven shape and the obvious wrinkles which lead me to a big question about their USA quality control/inspection. We walked out and left unhappy with the service. Plus we felt uncomfortable when several Asian SAs talking to each other in Chinese while we were there . They tried to sale the defective bag to us just because I told them I am new to LV that I've never owned LV before.

    Long story short, we decided to drive 4 hours to Bravern Mall, Washington on holiday weekend. My original plan was the DE because I am a little clumsy LOL, am not good at handling and taking care of the vachetta leather even though I love the Monogram. I asked Karen, my SA of that day to see both Alma BB in Damier Ebene and Monogram. She was very nice and helpful unlike the ones in my city.

    Anyway, the very first item instead of showing us the the classic pieces per our request, she showed us the Alma BB Totem Flamingo. I was so surprised about how cute it looks, even more beautiful in real life than the pictures . I couldn't believe LV in Bravern still has one because they were sold out on LV website. Karen looked them up in system to find out there are 11 bags remain in LV around the world. If anyone interested to purchase one there are 10 available out there. My dear-love husband and I felt in love at the very first moment we saw it . It is a limited edition in Monogram with smooth Epi leather trim plus it is Made In France. We prefer MIF because spending that much of money on an item, it would be great and more excitement if it was made in the country of origin which is France

    That's how I got my Alma BB Totem Flamingo, my very first new LV purchase ever. I love love love it even more everyday. I wanna see it when not in use without the dust cover bag until my upcoming cruise vacation. My dear-love husband came up with a creative idea is to have it display in a glass cabinet. We just brought home a cute glass cabinet last night from Ikea. Boy! I've never been happier with my birthday gift in my entire life

    P.S. I need to go to my computer desktop to post my pictures (gonna be lots of them). Pictures are on the way...

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  2. Cannot wait to see the pics
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  3. Waiting! Hoping they are amazing!
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  4. Alma BB Totem Flamingo - all credit goes to my dear-love husband who has been so patient for taking me multiple trips to the mall, taking these photos and listening to my non-stop stories about Louis Vuitton :biggrin:






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  5. aww beautiful!! congrats on your purchase
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  7. Thank you cutywei :smile:
  8. Congratulations on your beautiful bag!! I think it was definitely worth driving a bit further to get the bag you wanted, it's something very special that you'll love and use for a very long time. I cannot believe the SA's at the other store were talking in another language while you were standing there, particularly if it was obvious they were talking about you. That is so rude and very unprofessional!! I would have been quite annoyed about that.

    It sounds like it was a very well thought out and special purchase. Enjoy!!
  9. DSC_0134.JPG









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  10. The craftsmanship is beautiful, it looks perfect.
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  11. Congratulations! Glad your husband doesn't mind the things we do for the bags we want!
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  12. The last 3 photos we taken at LV Bravern in Bellevue, Washington when she was proudly standing next to her 2 cutie cousins :girlsigh::girlsigh::girlsigh: DSC_0023.JPG


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  13. Welcome to the club!

    "First LV" stories are fun to read because they remind me of my visit to an LV store for my first bag. Enjoy your special first bag!
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  14. She is beautiful! Congrats on your first LV!
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  15. It's soo cute! Happy belated birthday! What an amazing husband!
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