Birthday Reveal!! <3


Jan 28, 2013
Ok guys, here is my story:
I was birthday shopping with my fiancé and could choose a new bag :love: The last days I was thinking a lot about which bag I want to choose and couldn´t decide between the Mini Lady Dior or waiting for a black Mini Chanel. So we went to Chanel and of course no Minis there but I wanted to have a look if maybe any other bag will draw my attention. And yes, I had a look at the super cute old medium Boy Bag in pastel baby blue patent and the old medium dark blue Boy and the small blue Coco Handle. I don´t own any blue bag yet. And as much as I love to look at the Boy Bag after literally one hour I decided that this model just isn´t meant for me. I think that it doesn´t fit enough, less than my Jumbo and the Jumbo is always playing Tetris. And I think the chain noise will drive me crazy after some time like my Dior Soft chains did. The Coco Handle was left, it was the only one they got and 3 women behind me have already waited like vultures! That was annoying!! My fiancé didn´t like this bag much and I was not sure if I like it enough. So my fiancé said that if I can´t decide if I like this bag it´s probably not the right one and I thought he was right and we left the store without bag. Let me tell you just quickly why I wasn´t sure: I felt that the chain feels too cheap and looks too thin and I´m not in love with the ruthenium hardware. If it was shiny gold or silver I think I would´ve decided for this bag, even if the leather is really sturdy and not so chic.
We went to the next store and this was Dior. Oh I just love Dior!
So I had a look at the Mini LD with chain. I only want one with chain. And they had it in black. And the second bag I was looking at was the Diorissimo, which I´m eyeing now for years already as some of you might know. I had to decide between these two and it was again a tough decision, my poor fiancé!:sleepy: But it was somehow easier as with the Chanels because I knew I love and want to have both of them in the future! :sneaky: comes my reveal!!!