Birthday Pressies Re-Deux Reveal!!

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Jul 3, 2010
Birthday Pressies Re-Deux Reveal : Aka, Kiki gets what she REALLY wants for her birthday! (The very first LV I got? On my actual birthday? Was SUCH a letdown. But that is a post for a different day.) Anyway, I'm new. And these are my first Louis Vuittons! :biggrin:

So here are my beauties!!

First, here is a fantastic amazingly well-kept Mini Lin Speedy in Ebene. Pre-owned but you'd never know it! :biggrin: I have been in LVOE with this line since I saw it years and years ago on a Samur (also on my wishlist), and the new Idylle speedy just didn't "do" it for me. So I stalked ebay and other trusted re-seller sites, but to no avail. THEN!! THEN!!!! I got this one through a lady who works at my office...her aunt had bought it and never used it! And now its mine!! ALLL MIIIIIIIIIIINNNEEE!!

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Next up I have my new (very very VERY NEW!!!) Tivoli PM! AHHH LUST WORTHY!!! Currently it is being primed with Kiwi Protect All so that the beautiful vachetta leather stays pristine (if not pale, at least pristine). And then I will wear it to work on Monday, with my beautiful outfit that will match it perfectly.... and everyone will oohh and ahhhh and life will be perfect. :biggrin:

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And last but not least.... A little bit of color to punch it up.... A vernis Sarah wallet in Pomme. Technically, I also got a Vernis Pomme Cles too, but my mom snagged it the moment it came out of the dustbag and box, sooo.... its not mine anymore. O:smile: lol.

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Anyway so these are my redo birthday presents! And they arrived the SAME DAY I picked up my new car!! :yahoo: Twas a very special day!!


Oskar Waltz
May 8, 2007
Sorry to say but that tivoli is fake. :-s not sure about the rest..
I would recomend listing all your pre-owned items in the "auth this LV" thread...
If its from ebay.. hopefully you can get your $$ back.
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Jun 8, 2006
OP, sorry but your items are questionable. :sad: You're welcome to post in "authenticate this LV". Closed.

ETA: Reveals of fake items are not allowed on tPF.
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