Birthday Pressies *PICS*

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  1. Here's my bday pressies of my bag just 2 accessories anyone want to guess?
  2. us!

    happy b-day!
  3. thank you!

    aw I want someone to guess first! It's my first time doing a striptease ;)
  4. cles? bandeau? mini pochette?
  5. wallet?
  6. nope...
  7. ipd case? agenda
  8. ooh come on guys!!!! a few more and I will reveal!
  9. key chain? pochette of some kind, a cles maybe?
  10. Pastilles charm?
    Aw c'mon,,,,,,
    Happy B Day by the way!

    scarf?? jewelry of some sort? i think i see a piece of a dark colored dust cover peeking out
  12. speedy key chain??
  13. thankyou

    haha I was wondering if any would notice the dust cover!!
    Ok will post pics now.....
  14. :popcorn:
  15. Please say hello to my clear and raspberry inclusion!
    I'm so happy as my boyf bought me the pomme and amarante last month so now I have all of them!! (Well not inc previous ones....yet :graucho:)

    Can't wait for the new black one and grey inclusion to come out!

    Wanna say a big thanks to Brenda (a.k.a tpf'er brendating) for helping my boyf pick them up for me, THANK YOU! :yes:

    Fingers crossed I should be getting the Antigua Cabas MM from my mum, just waiting for LV to call to say they have received it. Even though my SA ordered it 2weeks ago I still haven't heard nothing...:crybaby:ooh I hope they still have it.
    bday-inclusion-with-boxes.jpg close-up-clear-inclusio.jpg close-up-raspberry-inclusio.jpg group-inclusion-scattered.jpg group-standing-inclusion.jpg