birthday present

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  1. Hai tpfers! :cool:

    My mothers birthday is coming up and i was thinking about buying her a designer handbag. She'll turn 58 this year and i was wondering if you had any tips on bags I could get her?

    I've been looking at some Michel Kors already but haven't found anyone i liked.

    Preferably not over 600 €
    She seems to like leather handbags, she likes oak a lot.
    Something suitable for everyday style kinda, so no clutches or something like that.

  2. Thank you, both of you!

    I think she commented once that she liked longchamp, totally forgotten about that!
  3. Let's not forget about the rest Longchamp has to offer - the Au Sultan, Balzane, all that jazz...the quality is great and the new looks are amazing! :smile:

    My own tummy gets the tickles with the Ile aux Panthéres range - that tote is gorgeous. I think I might have to rethink my own bday wish list... :girlsigh:
  4. I agree with Elliespurse. This bag is beautiful and the leather is really nice. I'd say a good quality bag for the $$:graucho: