Birthday Present!

  1. so when i was in london at the beginning of october, i first saw the Bindi's and was THISCLOSE to getting them, but they also had the damier glasses [cant remember the name!] that my boyfriend wanted, and being the good boy i am, i got those instead. Then not long after, ms.stefani wore them in her video and i though id never get them. well.. yesterday was my bithday.onto my present!

    cant decide if i wanna exchange them for the black ones or not. opinions?

    i love them! some random pictures.

    thats all :smile: :yahoo:
  2. woah, huge pics!! but all the better since it makes your bday presents 10000x better!

    great gifts, happy birthday
  3. Awesome presents! Happy birthday!
  4. happy birthday~congrats
  5. Happy Birthday-and great sunglasses!
  6. Very nice. Happy Birthday!!

    White looks hot, but if it's something you want to use longer black might be better.
  7. thanks guys. i think i may just keep the white. i have 2 pairs of black chanel's plus plenty of other black glasses, and my bf has convinced me that the white are 'different' and that theyre hot. :smile:
  8. Thanks for taking such huge pics! :smartass:

    Great sunnies. Wish I could pull them off... :sad:
  9. Happy Birthday!
    Look so COOL!

    Yah, they all pics are so huge but great shots.
  10. nice sunglasses :yahoo:
  11. i would personally go for the more conservative black - i did pick the black Millionaire - but the white Bindi suits your emo/punk look plus this is the pair that Gwen wore and made popular so it is bound to be more desirable. congrats and happy birthday! :wlae:

    by the way i also just got the Damier Faux-Semblant sunglasses too :dance:
  12. happy birthday! congrats!
  13. awesome gifts... gigantic pics :p
  14. sorry about the huge pix guys :sad:
  15. Wow, the pics were big, but your presents were the best! Love those sunglasses! You totally rock them! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!