Birthday present

  1. So today my boyfriend was going to take me out to a nice dinner for my birthday. I thought it was just going to be him and I but to my surprise most of our friends were there to celebrate with us:smile: it was awesome that he planned a surprise party for me! Well to make a long story short when we got back to the house there was something waiting for me on the table:smile:


    And here it is:smile:


    Damier ebene mm neverfull:smile: such a beautiful bag! I love the red interior!
  2. Happy Birthday :smile:
    and congrats on your amazing birthday present !
  3. Congrats!! Happy Birthday!!
  4. Congrats and Happy Bday! :smile:
  5. Congrats! Happy Birthday! :balloon::balloon:
  6. Congrats for the NF and the sweet DBF! Happy Birthday!
  7. Thank you everyone:smile: I had an amazing birthday. I just switched all my stuff from my speedy into my neverfull! I love love love it so much!
  8. Great DBF, great friends, great party and great present!!! Happy birthday!!! Nice to know you had a blast ;)
  9. Congrats and happy birthday:smile:
  10. Congratulations!
  11. Congrats and happy Bday
  12. happy b-day! all the best! and congrats to your neverfull :biggrin:
  13. aw what a sweet bf, thats how you treat your lady! Gorgeous bag!
  14. Happy Birthday and congrats!!
  15. Congrats; what a great birthday present! Happy birthday!