birthday present!!

  1. Hi everyone!!
    I will be buying myself some goodies on my birthday this year, Dec 30, as it is my 20th!
    I want to buy an LV. I was thinking of the Palermo PM... i love the shape. However, I realized that I could get the Speedy 35 in monogram AND the large Coach Leather Carly in red instead for the same price (since I work at Coach, I can use my discount). This way, instead of having one purse that is more expensive but both a hand-held AND a shoulder bag (the Palermo) I will have one hand-held and one shoulder purse. Two purses are always better than one!!! ;)

    Anyway, I am wondering what are your thoughts on the Mono Speedy 35 and the Large Leather Carly. If anyone has any modeling pics of the Speedy 35 that would be awesome too!!! (I work at Coach so I have plenty of opportunities to model the Carly!!) I plan on going to my local LV store in Boston next weekend to see the Speedy 35 IRL but I would love any and all input on both bags (positive and negative!!!)

  2. I'm also considering the Damier Speedy 30, since i like it a little better than the monogram and the leather is darker... i'm a little afraid of the vachetta. I love big bags though so does anyone own a Speedy 30 or a 35? Is there a big difference in size? Should I go for the 35 in mono or the 30 in damier?? I'm a student, and I tend to carry a lot of things... Does the 35 get too heavy? But i also think the bags are a lot more spacious than they appear so the 30 might be alright... anyway, thanks in advance for all the help!! thank goodness for tPF!!!
    Let me know about any Coach questions you have haha I can probably answer those!! ;)
  3. 2 bags not always better than one because u can only use 1 bag in time.

    so i say, get 1 that u REALLY want and use it a lot than 2 that u don't love as much
  4. I agree completely.:yes: