Birthday Present

  1. I kno before I said I was going to get this purse...
    But today when I went to the mall I found another purse that I liked that was also less expensive. So I got this:
    [​IMG] in brown

    Srry, its late and I cant take pics of them right now... hopefully I will find my camera and post better pics tomorrow!!!
  2. i actually like that alot and think u can get a lot more in it. enjoy!
  3. FYI that denim one is 30% off at macys (i just got it!) but i like the carly too and think the carly is more functional as a day to day bag
  4. They are both really cute. Too small for me, but really cute :smile:
  5. Love the Carly. Good choice:tup:. and Happy Birthday!
  6. The carly in brown is a great choice! Congratulations!
  7. there both cute....
  8. Happy birthday.. really nice choice!!
  9. I love the top handle Carly--it's on my wish list!

    Happy Birthday, BTW!
  10. That top handle Carly is just too cute! Congratulations and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :party:
  11. Congrats! And Happy Birthday!
  12. Happy Birthday!!!! Love the Carly pouch!
  13. Congrats, very cute! I think you'll get more use out of that one than the stripe one. Happy Birthday!
  14. Thanks everybody! I had a great birthday.