Birthday Present!!

  1. it was my birthday yesterday!!! =) look wut my bf got me!! =) YAY!! haha

  2. Love it! Happy birthday!!:flowers:
  3. Happy birthday!!! Congrats to you on your new present!!!
  4. i love it, that's what my mom bought me for PCE, but she said it has to be my x-mas present, i can't wait that long though!!!
  5. Happy birthday! Love your new tote.
  6. what a wonderful bf you have! congrats!
  7. Very pretty! I should be getting an early Christmas birthday tomorrow from my grandmom when I go to the outlets, I think I'll be on the lookout for the sig stripe totes! So lovely!
  8. Happy Birthday!! Love it!
  9. Happy bday! I love that bag!
  10. Awesome! happy birthday!
  11. Really beautiful.. happy birthday !!
  12. love it! Happy Birthday to you!!!!! :balloon:
  13. Very nice. Happy belated Birthday!
  14. I love that bag. What is it called? Sorry ladies, I am still learning!
  15. That is a very pretty bag.