Birthday present..

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  1. Hey ladies! My 35th (yikes) B-day is coming up in May and my BF said today that he'll take me to LV! I'm trying to decide between a Cabas piano or mezzo. Does anyone have any pics. of them carrying them? Which does Angelina carry?
  2. Angelina carrys bolth of them, i personaly like the cabas piano.
  3. She has both, I think they mezzo would look great on you Meg,
    when you get to lv try both on.. :smile: you'll have fun i'm sure.

  4. Mezzo, its going to be my next LV purchase.
  5. Awww shucks..thanks!!! I can't wait to go and try a bunch on..even the suhali which is way beyond what he'll opt for, LOL!
  6. Is it that mush bigger than the piano? I don't think I need anything huge..I have a speedy 30 and find that big enough for all my stuff and then some. Thanks for all of the suggestions girls!:biggrin:
  7. I was going to suggest the mezzo, but since you just mentioned that you didn't want something too big, and preferred something comparable to the size of your speedy, then I'd say go with the piano!
  8. What an awesome BF you have to treat you to LV for your birthday! Happy early birthday. :idea: Let us know which one you choose!
  9. Aww..thanks so much!! I'm leaning towards the piano and even though I hear the vachetta is a B**** to keep clean I LOVE the look! It is what draws me to the bag:shame:
  10. NICE boyfriend and nice birthday present!! I turned 40 a few months ago! :sad: LOL
  11. Check your email dear ...

  12. Happy early bday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And remember, age is a number. You look NOTHING like your age and that's definitely a good thing!

    Keep us posted on what u decide and post pics but I'm leaning towards the Piano!
  13. I'd go with the mezzo but I like big bags. Keep your options open and when you get into the store, request to see both and try it on and see what would suit you better. Nothing better than seeing the bags yourself.
  14. you must tell us when it is your b-day.
  15. OMG...That is so sweet of him. I hope you have a great birthday! I also turned 35 this year and I'm planning to buy the Cabas Piano. I could be wrong, but I think Angelina has been seen with both the Piano and the Mezzo.

    Somebody please confirm!