Birthday Present Suggestions

  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm looking for a birthday present for a good friend of mine. I'd like to spend $50-100. Does anyone have any suggestions or anything they'd love to receive as a gift / have had their eye on? I'm pretty open to anything, especially since she's the type of person who either already has it all or just goes out and buys things if she wants it. You guys can think of this as a "wishlist" thread - I might be able to get some ideas from your "wishlist" TIA!
  2. I love to get theater tickets...
  3. There's a cute Hermes Ribbon Scarf on the Hermes site. I saw it there last week. It's around 115 dollars however--a little out of your budget for the gift. I think it's a great gift and I'm sure she would use it.
  4. A gift card to Borders or Barnes and Noble..
  5. A pink or blue iPod shuffle~!
  6. If I could choose any gift from a good friend, it would be a treat we could share together. Like getting mani/pedicures together. Or going out for high tea together.

    If we lived far apart, then I would pick earrings. I love wearing jewelry given to me far more than wearing jewelry I buy for myself. I am reminded of the person who gifted to me whenever I wear it.

    Whenever I am doing something that makes me nervous, like testifying before a Senate subcommittee on behalf of a cause I believe in, I always bring my friends with me by wearing their jewelry gifts.
  7. I agree. I don't really like getting material things from my close friends, I like it when we decide to do dinner and drinks and spend time together instead of exchanging gifts.
  8. what about a cute wallet? or something that she can use everyday like credit card case, pouchette, or silver jewelry?
  9. I'd love to get a gift card to a spa or someplace that I could use it for a massage or a pedicure or manicure. Or an invite to go to lunch with a friend, on them, would be nice if they lived near me.
  10. makeup, perfume set, gift certificate to a spa or boutique but i think whatever you choose to get for her she'll love it...

    it's the thought that counts.
  11. A gift card to her favorite shop!
  12. SPA is good!!

    i think beauty treats are good too... check out the different beauty sets from and

    philosophy has some cute sets below $50