Birthday Present Suggestions for my Precious Little Brother?

  1. My brother Jonny's birthday is on the 31st. He will be 14. He is my absolute favorite person in the world, and I am like his second mom. We are 10 years apart, so when he was born, I took care of him, even got up with him in the middle of the night! He really is special to me, and I want to do something special for him. He is getting out of his "skater" phase and more into fashion now that he's older, so I'd like to get him a present he'll treasure.

    I have no idea what to get him, but I want it to be special and from Hermes. I was thinking one of the classic H belts, or a bracelet of some sort.

    Does anyone have ANY suggestions on what a 14 year old would like from Hermes? I am willing to do a phone order, but since I live 5 hours from the closest H, I can't really go to the store to check out the selection. Also, if there are any "manly" bracelets or any other suggestions you may have, I would appreciate it! I am attaching a couple of photos of him and I so you can see his personal style/look.

    I would like to spend under $500.
    jonnyandi.jpg jonnyanditrichards.jpg
  2. What a sweet sister you are!
    I am not sure, if a 14 yrs old would feel comfortable in Hermés, but you know better.
    The belts you will also find on so you won't have to travel for this present and could make a choice at home.
    What always is a nice little present for men: a Keyring. He will always think of you when he holds his keys and it is affordable as there are not so many things at H for men under $500. The one on the picture is $460.
  3. Do 14 yr olds appreciate Hermes? I thought they all just played guitar hero. :nuts: (obviously I do not have any kids, and now that I know the want H at 14 I might hold off a few more years to save more $ before I consider having one. ha ha)
    You can't go wrong with a belt, men of all ages need to keep up their pants.
  4. Thanks Vanmiracle and ReneH, I think I may just get him the d'Orange Verte gift set, so he can smell good for all of his 8th Grade girlfriends.

    Even though he does appreciate fashion and Hermes, I think he may like the cologne better. He may need it after all of those guitar hero sessions... which he does play like a feind.

    Thanks for the suggestions!
  5. You can't go wrong with a H belt.

    Have you considered...
    - playing card holder (don't all men play cards?)
    - cuff links (does he wear cuffed shirts on special occasions?)
    - ulysse notebook
  6. how about one of those medor bracelets? they're big and chunky and kind of masculine looking. very chic!
  7. the necklace is a fantastic idea
    perhaps clothing, like a polo shirt
    or short sleeve button up...dont know the pricing there though

    im 17 , that's a 3 year difference...and i appreciate hermès.

    belt is "eh"

    the cologne set is good too is young, fresh, and classic
    or even a simple GUERNESEY wallet hahaha

    does hermès make ipod holders? (sorry i'm a newb)
  8. i'm not sure about the belt, i know that neither of my brothers (who are still young) would be able to wear the same belt size they did at 14. he would probably grow out of it in a few years which would be a shame. how about a cashmere scarf? cufflinks? jumbo/étrivière/hapi bracelet? some of the other leather bracelets might be a bit too feminine looking.
  9. -Ulysse notebook in chocolate.
    -tie (you always need one nice one).
    -no belt. Very specific style wise and someone so young will be way too opinionated about that.
  10. I´m not sure I would buy H to a 14 year old boy, but if he´s an "old soul" so to speak, maybe a jumbo bracelet as Annanas already suggested?
  11. I'd actually get the key ring or a tie. The cologne is also a good idea. Good luck!
  12. How about a money clip?
  13. If he wears cufflinks, maybe something fun enamel ones (you can see a few on I think cufflinks can be fun now, and will certainly be useful as he grows older, and will always fit no matter what (unlike belts).
    But I realize you have to be a very special 14-year-old boy to like to wear cufflinks, but you could also tell him that this is something special for him to always have for the future. Then maybe you could take him to a nice dinner/evening out, so that he can wear the cufflinks out with you and have special memories of the day. I could get him a shirt too perhaps (some of the cufflinks are under $300), and I love the look of casual pants or even jeans with an interesting shirt and cufflinks.
  14. BY the way, you are such a nice sister! Reading your post made me think of my little brother (not at all a cuff link type).
  15. Thanks everyone! I think I am going to go with the "safe" cologne set. Although his bday isn't for a couple days, he already received one gift -- "Rock Band" for xbox. Still shows he's a 14 year old, and wants 14 year old type gifts in addition to the good stuff!

    Here's a fun little picture of us "rocking out"!