Birthday present reveal....

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  1. After some hinting I received a lovely mulberry present for my birthday.

    Black Bryn purse which matches my black Bryn bag 😊

    My fiancé did well 😏

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  2. Great combo, happy birthday!
  3. Thank you :smile:
  4. How sweet of him. Lovely purse.

    I sort of regret not getting a bryn.
  5. Great looking twosome x
  6. Ooh. Beautiful. I love matchie matchie! X. Happy birthday
  7. Congrats, I do like matching bag and purse.

    If not too much trouble what are the measurements of your bag and is it a regular or small?

    I'm confused as to what I have bought recently think I saw somewhere small is 6in and regular is 10in

    I thought I'd got regular as it was £398 at Bicester but I've seen this price quoted for both small and regular in the outlet thread

    Initially I thought the wallet would be too big, but. It looks great together, great pressie!
  8. Congratttttts! Happy birthday!!!
  9. Congrats and happy birthday :smile:
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    Thanks everyone. I do like that they I just wish I could afford to match all of my bags with purses..... ;)
  11. Happy Birthday! Fab fiancé too
  12. No probs. Mine is the regular. I had it posted from the York outlet few months ago and it was £477 if I remember right. I've just measured it and it's 10inch. I find the regular a perfect size, as it fits my mitzy pouch, purse, phone, brush and pack of tissues in fine. Love the extra pocket at the back for papers etc. Hope that's helped.
  13. Beautiful
  14. I have this in Flame and love it, it goes so well with the bag :heart:
  15. Lovely bag & purse - and a belated Happy Birthday!