Birthday Present Part 1... something soft..

  1. Some of u might koe i went to shop for my cousins 21st present yesterday. Its my birthday tmr so i decided to reward myself for a good 24 years on planet earth!..

    I present!!

    Now GUess!! :upsidedown:
  2. :popcorn:
  3. something soft...hmm Nimbus?
  4. Happy birthday.. what in the bag??
  5. Something soft... I see something sticking out in the end.... A shawl?

    Happy early b-day btw! :yahoo: :party:
  6. Is it a scarf or a piece of clothing?
  7. OH JOHN... U way too smart!! :cursing: HA!!
  8. Tadahh... Here goes...
  9. [​IMG]

    I koe i look a mess with the "auntish" hair... Its late i was going to bed.. :yucky:
  10. Good eye John, I didn't even see that poking out of the side there-wow!
  11. Oh wow that looks gorgeous on you! Congrats and Happy Birthday!
  12. Looks great on you, love the color:heart:
  13. Very nice! I like the way you draped it around your neck!
  14. congrats! looks hot on you and perfect for winter!
  15. nice. i want a shawl so bad!