Birthday present number one....!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I just wanted to share that I got the Mono groom zippy organizer wallet!!! Its an early Bday gift from my husband. The real day is on Friday. We are going on Michigan avenue tomorrow for a day of shopping. That man is in T R O U B L E!!!!! I will share pics when I return back home to Key west next week! Im so excited! WOO hooo!!!~!!!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  2. wooohooo! i have it and i LOVE IT! enjoy! and happy birthday!
  3. Ooh! Congrats on your early pressie and Happy Birthday! Enjoy!! :balloon:
  4. Happy Birthday Sunshine.... congrats on your first present. wonder what the next one will be:graucho:
  5. That's lovely, can't wait to see the pics and HAPPY early BIRTHDAY!!!!:party: :drinkup:
  6. aww HAPPY BIRTHDAY for friday!!
    Ohh, I cant wait to see pictures.. And you will definantely find something to buy tomorrow! I wouldnt worry about that haha;):p
    I cant wait to see what you buy.
  7. Congratulations and happy birthday!!!

  8. Happy birthday for Friday, and can't wait to see the rest of your loot!!
  9. Congrats and Happy Birthday!!!:drinks:
  10. congrats!!! happy bday sunshine!!
  11. Congrats on your 1st Birthday gift Sunshine! Don't forget to post modeling pics of all your Birthday gifts!:flowers:

    Yeah... Your DH is definitely in trouble!!!:graucho:
  12. Congrats, and have a very, very happy birthday ! :graucho:
  13. LV for you birthday? What could be better!:yahoo:
  14. Sunshine! Happy Birthday!:balloon: Congrats!
  15. Happy birthday!! Can't wait to see pics!!