Birthday present = My first Prada!!

  1. My sweet husband bought me the Prada Cervo Lux Tote in Nero for my birthday. :yahoo:The leather is amazing, actually sparkles! It fits very nicely on the shoulder and is the perfect size. Not bad for my first Prada!!

    Sorry in advance for the horrible pic - my kiddos were playing with my camera and now I can't figure out how to get it back to "normal".
    Picture 597 - 768x1024.jpg
  2. Beautiful! Enjoy it!
  3. Happy Birthday, fab present, I love the new sparkly finish on these bags. Congratulations :tup:
  4. Thanks, AudreyII and bisbee!
  5. Nice bag and sweet husband =)
  6. congrats! What a sweet DH! I have that same bag and find it very comfortable too!!!!
  7. you're lucky :smile: congrats
  8. Happy birthday and Congratulations.
  9. OOOH!! Congrats!!! That bag is gorgeous!!!!....and DH is a doll!! Enjoy!!
  10. Thanks Everyone! Yes, my husband is very sweet - in that he tolerates my purse thing.:lol: Barely.
  11. Happy Birthday -- great bag !!
  12. happy birthday!
  13. Oh! I love the handles! Lucky girl! haha:smile:
  14. Simply gorgeous :heart: ! Enjoy!
  15. Happy birthday! What a great husband! Congrats!