birthday present ideas?

  1. i need some help on what to get my bf of like 2 mo. a good birthday present. He loves his car and already has a watch and wallet. and i'm really bad with this stuff. thanks!
  2. Since it's been only 2 months dating him so far...I'd make him a romantic dinner at home..followed by a night of pampering..if you know what I mean :graucho: followed by a body massage. Guys like the little details like those.
  3. i think sweetpeas idea is great, i did that for my SOs birthday, he has everything.
    cook his fav meal, light candles, nice wine.
    Lush make amazing massage bars, they melt in your hands.
  4. If he loves his car, maybe a gift certificate for a car detail? Guys I know seem to like practical stuff like that.
  5. you can buy him a cute keychain for his car, or a cuff links in a car shape or the pic of the two of you with a nice frame
  6. seen as it's only been 2 months, then maybe a nice aftershave?
  7. thanks for the ideas guys
  8. :tup: Maybe some cologne too