Birthday Present From a GF!

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  1. I spread my new Coach addiction with 3 GFs last Christmas and gave each a purse. Went to an early bday lunch with 2 of them yesterday (both were carrying their purses) and I one of them totally surprised me with the patchwork tote. My DH was with us and when I looked in the gift bag and said I saw my favorite brown dustbag he just groaned and rolled his eyes. Bdays and GFs are so much fun! :yahoo:


  2. yum! I love these colors together. Happy Birthday!!
  3. Happy birthday, graberg! :flowers: I love that gallery tote. I wish I had picked up something in that patchwork when it was out. It's gorgeous. You have great GFs!
  4. Wow. You have awesome girlfriends! Congrats! :biggrin:
  5. Beautiful gift! Congrats and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  6. Happy Birthday! :flowers: You really have wonderful GF's! Enjoy your tote. I love mine, whenever I carry it I get tons of compliments. Congrats!
  7. Now, THAT'S an everyday bag!!! And friends to cherish for a lifetime. Congrats on both!
  8. Cute bag! You have wonderful friends. Happy Birthday!!
  9. Gorgeous graberg!! Happy Birthday!
  10. I love that bag! What a great gift and happy birthday!
  11. Very nice! Congrats! :smile:
  12. cute! your GFs are amazing!!! youll wear it well
  13. oooh love the bag!! and happy birthday :party:
  14. Wow, what amazing girlfriends you have! Enjoy that bag--it's beautiful!
  15. Enjoy your new bag! Hope your birthday is great!