birthday present :-D

  1. hi all. i've never looked in here but i thought since i received an adorable balenciaga wallet-y thing for my birthday that i'd say show a pic. it's sooo pretty and such a great green.
    Photo 124.jpg
  2. very cute... LOVE it!!
  3. VERY NICE! Happy Birthday, indeed...
  4. Ooopsss....sorry...double post.
  5. aww its such a cutie, congrats!
    Happy Birthday!
  6. OHHHH, How cute!!!

    Happy Birthday Day !
  7. :roflmfao: I do that ALL the time...

    People on here must think I'm lost :nuts:
  8. Ooooh!!! Happy Birthday, and congrats!

    Wouldn't I LOVE to receive one of those for my birthday! :p
  9. Happy Birthday!!! What a great prezzie!!!
  10. your coin purse is beautiful !!! Happy birthday :yahoo: :yahoo:
  11. Happy Birthday!! Great present!!
  12. HAPPY BDAY girllll!!!

    fellow aquarians :yes: i wish i would get the same bday gift like you :love:
  13. Congrats! The color is gorgeous!
  14. Happy birthday and congrats - love your present! :yes:
  15. :balloon: HAPPY BIRTHDAY deejmeister!!! :balloon:
    Congrats on your cute coin purse. I love the grass green color.