Birthday present!! Black 2.55 reissue =D

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  1. Got a Black calfskin 2.55 in 226 from dear SO! well, he paid for it, I'm the one who called around to find the bag (he said it's ugly, but better than the classic CC, but he let me buy it anyway.. maybe just to shut me up LOL). Thanks to foxycleopatra, I managed to find it :tup:
    It came it earlier today and I was practically flying from upstairs to greet the fedex guy :sweatdrop:.

    on to the pics: (sorry bad lighting, getting dark in here)
    IMG_4976.JPG IMG_4982.JPG IMG_4984.JPG

    *on the side note: should I keep the shoes? does it look nice or weird?
    is the bag too small? originally I'm thinking to get 227, but since the bag is hard to find I settle with 226.

    family pic, with soon-to-be-gone sisters:

    - P
  2. Wow, it really looks nice on u.

    Btw, what is SO?
  3. Happy birthday and congrats on your new bag, it's beautiful. Enjoy it in good health! Love the shoes.
  4. Wow! It's soo beautiful!! COngrats!!

  5. Thank you ;)

    SO = significant other (as in BF in my case).. I just figured it out a week ago.. I feel so rusty in my online slang.
  6. Wow - What a great B-day present. It looks so good on you - the perfect size. A beautiful bag!
  7. This size looks great on you! You are so petite just like me :smile:
  8. love the reissue and the shoes. Are they Chloe's?
  9. I meant to add on to my prior post that you can carry off those shoes. Very cute. But where are the sisters going?:sad:
  10. Thank you girls :shame:

    Clandy: regretfully, the Black Jumbo sold to my BF's mom, and the Silver is my BF's sister's. Silver was shipped to me since her new mom live overseas.

    anonymous: yes they're Chloe.

    jupar: I notice there's a lot of petite girls here, normally I'm a minority.. they mock my size
  11. Absolutely gorgeous bag, you look fab with it. The size is not small at all, 226 is perfect on you.

    I don't like the shoes though.
  12. looks stunning on you ... perfect :smile:
  13. happy b'day and it looks gorgeous on u!
  14. since now you don't have any black flap, a 226 or a 227 is equally good, and I must say you wear the bag so well, I especially like it when you wear it with the is amazing how Chanel just fits all outfits!! Enjoy, the bag is a keeper.
  15. Yay~~congrats and Happy bday!!! :tup::heart:You rock the bag!!!!