Birthday Pearls.........

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  1. So for my birthday this year, I decided to gift myself with pearls (er...just like last year...LOL). Thanks or should I say no thanks to a certain PS member :smile:, I was inspired to get a strand of multi-coloured tahitians from Pearl Paradise.

    Jeremy was a pleasure to work with as usual even though we were now on two different continents and timezones with a 16 hour time difference.

    He shortlisted six strands for my selection and here is my final choice:

    8.4 to 11mm, 18 inches, AA+

    Picture from PP:

    Neck shots in various lighting and in my ears, 9mm tahitians from




  2. For anyone who's interested, here are the six that I started off with....I chose #6.

  3. I must confess that it's great fun to layer my pearls especially my tahitians. Here are some shots of layering....

    I'm the one in black :P


  4. It looks great on you! Happy bday and enjoy
  5. Ohhh gorgeous! Happy birthday!!!

    They are absolutely stunning and I love how you've layered them with the whites too. Are they SS?

    (BTW - I saw your "choosing" thread on the PG forum ;) - I'm not a member so couldn't post)
  6. Loving the pearls!
  7. Thanks, Bextasy, Expat! :biggrin:

    Yes, the whites are SS pearls.
  8. Wonderful pearls, and happy birthday!
  9. Love the pictures and the pearls. Happy Birthday!! I invested in some beautiful Tahitians and South Sea pearls when Irridesse ( sister company to Tiffanys) closed down. I will post pictures when I figure out how to -- I am fairly new to this forum and still am learning.
  10. Happy birthday! Those are beautiful and I adore their shape!!
  11. Absolutely beautiful! Lucky lady!!!!!
  12. hAPPY birthday! gorgeous!
  13. LOVE IT!! Happy birthday!! :flowers:
  14. gorgeous!! congrats!!!
  15. Congrats!