Birthday Party Invitation - siblings not invited

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    Hello moms -
    I'm in a bit of a dilemma regarding my daughter's 6th birthday party next month. Last year, we invited her entire class and several parents brought the siblings of those kids that we had to pay extra for.

    This year, my daughter only wants to invite her friends, and because of the small party, we are having at a "Build A Bear" which I'm sure the little girls will love. Each of her friends will get a $20 bear for being the invited guest PLUS we are paying for the kids/parents lunch at a restaurant. The following is an excerpt of the invitation, but I want to get your advice on the bolded line. I would like to request that the parents not bring their other kids to this party, and would like your feedback if this is ok. Just wanted to ask all the mamas regarding proper etiquette?

    We're having a party and building a bear,
    xx is turning six and hopes you will be there.

    The Bear Facts:
    Build A Bear
    Lunch and cake to follow at Red Robin.

    Please RSVP by xxx by contacting xxx

    This is a “Little Girls” party. In order to maintain an age appropriate atmosphere, we kindly request that only your invited child is in attendance.
  2. I don't particularly care for the way that's written. It's too wordy and there's really no need to explain why you want to exclude siblings (the explanation that you provided just complicates things). I would just say "no siblings please" because it's simple, straight-to-the-point, and doesn't allow for any confusion.
    Also, for what it's worth, my DD was invited to a birthday party at Build-a-Bear. The family is also our neighbor and the mom told me that it was fine to bring my DDs younger brother (they are 7 and 8 years-old, so not much of an age difference, which is why your explanation of "age-appropriate atmosphere" can be complicating). Of course, I paid for my son's Build-a-Bear and I would think that most parents would do the same.
  3. Thanks for your feedback. I originally had it as, "no siblings please" and thought it was direct. So I came up with a passive- aggressive way with the long sentence Definitely taking note of your suggestion...
  4. I definitely agree! Just a simple "no siblings please" says all you really need it to.
  5. Ok, thx so much.
  6. I agree with the simple and short answer. However, I need to note that it is absolutely inexcusable that you even have to think of a way to say this at all. Bringing uninvited children to a party - especially one where numbers matter - without speaking to the host first is incredibly rude and presumptuous. My kids have friends where we commonly bring all the kids to one another's homes, and yet no one has ever brought the siblings to a party where an invitation specified a child.
  7. Yes I know that it's a bit odd to be in this predicament. Unfortunately, this was my experience from last year. I was a bit shocked so I want to prepare myself. Thank you for your advice.
  8. This has happened to me too. I don't mind if people ask first if they can bring their other child, I tend to just say yes and pay the extra child fee, however, it seems a lot of parents just bring extra kids without asking. and at that point, they are there, you can't do much but let them join the party. and it adds up. Most places here charge $17.95 per extra child. Some parents do offer to pay for their other child, but the fact is, even if they pay, i don't really want an extra 10 random kids there.

    I've seen 'no siblings, please' on invites, it's a better way to say it then what you are writing. you sound like you're making excuses for not wanting the extra kids there. just be to the point.
  9. All parents know how expensive Build a Bear parties are (or should). How incredibly rude to bring extra children. If people are that rude, I would have no problem saying "no siblings please." Parents can take the sibling elsewhere at the mall.
  10. My friend did a party for her daughter at one of those pick a pottery piece and paint it places... Cant remember its name. Anyway those were/are pretty pricey and she politely but firmly requested no siblings of guests tag along. However, many parents did send their other kids without offering to pick up the tab for the other kids or even asking... Hey its free babysitting! I was so annoyed for her.
  11. Thanks, I am shocked by the parents who constantly do this. Not sure why I'm the one asking for etiquette advice..,lol!
  12. Wow, I'm pretty shocked that some parents send their kids with the invited child? Jeez! Some people are just plain stupid.

    I think a "No siblings please" is enough.

    I hope she has a WONDERFUL party!!
  13. Yes, I agree! And thank you for the b-day wishes.
  14. Thank you!! I will definitely use this line.
  15. Thank you for your advice...