Birthday party 2 weeks after the birthday?

  1. OK, maybe I am too anal with these things. My son will turn 6 on November 26th. For the longest time now we have talked about having his birthday party at the ice skating rink right near my house. He is very excited about it-now that it is October and he feels his birthday is coming close-he tells everyone he is having an ice skating party.

    Anyway-i called the rink today to make arrangements. The paperwork I have says they are open from November to March. Well, the woman who called me back today said they don't start doing parties until the 1st week of December and that 1st weekend is already booked! The soonest I could do a birthday party would be Dec. 9th or 10th.

    So-would you do it then knowing how excited your kid is to have the ice skating or would you try to find something else closer to his birthday? Does 2 weeks after his real birthday seem ridiculous to you (it does to me in a lot of ways), or screw it-do it then since it will be what he really wants?


    Oh, just to give your more info-there are no options for other ice skating rinks. The only other rink in Brooklyn is very far from my house and in a not so great neighborhood. There is an ice skating rink at Chelsea Piers in the city (Manhattan for you out-of-towners :P )-but, they are a fortune for a birthday party-so, this rink is really my only option.
  2. I must admit I am not an expert - not being a mother myself so all I can do is give you my own take on the matter. I think that you should wait and have the ice skating party. He obviously has this party set in his mind and I always think it is better to wait and have what you really want then have a quick fix! (I agree with this especially with bags LOL!)

    Any party you have which I am sure will be fab - will not be as cool regardless - because he will always be thinking about the ice skating party!! Plus the fact it is like he gets two birthdays - he will have some presents on his birthday and others at the party - who wouldn't love that!:yes:
  3. I know: since he's going to be two, tell him that the rule is that you get two birthday parties. One on his real birthday with just family. Have the cake, the presents, the works but at home. The second birthday party would be the one two weeks later at the rink with his friends.

    The obvious down side to this is he'll keep expecting the same number of parties as his age. You'll be in a boat load of trouble by the time he's 18! :roflmfao:
  4. I don't think it matters for the kid party with his friends. Plus he really wants the ice skating so I'd book it!
  5. I agree with everyone - book him the skating rink he really wants! He'll be soooo excited...I'm sure it'll be worth it just to see the excitement on his face!

  6. Well-since he is going to be 6-do I have to throw him 6 birthday parties? Will you be paying for 3 of them Auntie Prada Psycho? Please send money order to...................... LOL

    OK-i think you are all correct and I should just do the ice skating party-it is going to drive him nuts to have to wait so long after his birthday for his party-but, I know he will be thrilled to get the ice skating.
  7. Oh duh? :Push: I guess I got fixated on the "two" and was thinking he was two. Big "Oh Duh?":Push:

    Uh, tell him he's now 6 times more special and gets two partys?:shrugs:

    I surrender... What's that mailing address for money orders? :upsidedown:

  8. LMAO! :love:
  9. This is hard, 1 of my son's birthday is on July we go through this with people having plans near his actual birthday, so we always do a small family one on his birthday and friends after....

    He actually has grown to love it...stretches out the birthday for him.

    Good luck, I am sure they will have fun....mittens/gloves don't forget them....really needed for beginner to save the frost bitten hands from falling.
  10. Just do what little W wants! If you don't, he'll make you regret it!!! :lol:

    My 5-year old never seems to forget when he is "wronged", when mommy does something mean, or he doesn't get his way.:rolleyes: Yes, he's a real charmer!
  11. I vote for the family on the real b-day and the skating party when the rink is available. He'll love it!
  12. I had my sons birthday party 6 weeks late last husband was travelling, and then there was school holidays, etc....he had a blast, and no one else cared that his actual day had passed a long time ago!!! Have a great party Nishi...I am sure your son will love it!
  13. I would go for the ice skating since that's what your little guy wants. My daughter's birthday is December 27, so I always move her party up about 2 weeks, to the middle of December. Obviously, no kids would be able to come on Christmas weekend, and even the weekend before is bad with various Christmas parties and such. Then we take her out to eat somewhere of her choosing on her actual birthday.
  14. I just had my son's birthday party this past weekend because of the weather (it was outdoors) and his birthday isn't for another week. I say have a family party and cake, etc for his real birthday, and family gifts- and maybe a card with a picture of ice skating or something relating to the upcoming ice skating event to keep him excited! The attention all over again in a few weeks will be fantastic-I wouldn't care if it wasn't his actual b-day on the skating day, if this is something that he really wants. He'll have a blast, and probably won't care either!:smile: You sound like a fantastic mommy!
  15. I always have a family only party on my kids ACTUAL bday...The parties are never on their real bday...usually the weekend to schedule conflicts.Its more fun that way...Cuz with the family only party..there is sooo much more quality time!