Birthday part 2

  1. Hi, I'm back from dinner with bf and parents! So I went to LV today and I tried on the epi Alma, the epi Speedy 25 (it was too small) and the epi Lockit. The epi Alma totally won out, it was drop-dead gorgeous and one of my dream bags. I love how it was designed for Coco Chanel. I was surprised because the SA said that this boutique (in Holt's) actually got 6 of each Miroir Lockit, so I wonder how many the other boutique got? They were all spoken for, of course. But anyway, I had lots of fun and I had a great birthday! I didn't see much else that I wanted besides epi, so here are my pics:
    alma.jpg modelling birthday alma .jpg
  2. too gorgeous!!! the alma is a headturner in all lines but especially the epi and it looks darling with that scarf!

    it's perfect on you! i can see why it won, *DROOLS*
  3. Thank you! I love your miroir pics and all your pics, you always look so great with your bags! You always have the best bags, I love your Stams and your LV LEs. :drool:
  4. Congrats!!
  5. aww you're so sweet! thanks again :love:
  6. Congrats! :yahoo:

    So you only went to Holt and not Hotel Vancouver?

    How much was that Tiffany's ribbon if you don't mind me asking? Are they still available?
  7. love the bag! timeless and classic!
  8. Congrats looks stunning on you:heart:
  9. congrats! it's so cute with the scarf!
  10. The Alma is very pretty on you! Nice choice!
  11. congrats! ;)
  12. Gorgeous, congrats!
  13. Believe it or not, when I went to Tiffany's to get the twilly, none of the SAs had any clue of what it was. I had to prove to them that it existed by showing it to them on their own website! So obviously it was a SO item and it took like a month to come in, I was so impatient! It cost only $65, which is a steal. If you want it, go ask for Nancy, she's the young Asian woman in the Silver "Return to Tiffany" dept, she ordered it for me and will now know what it is!
  14. Congrats!
    Such a beautiful bag!
  15. Love your Alma, especially with the Tiffany's scarf/bandeau. Congratz & be-lated Happy Birthday!