Birthday Month-Lots of Coach Things!

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  1. Hi All,

    I have a birthday coming up on Saturday; so of course the last 2 months I have been buying myself lots of goodies.

    Thanks for letting me share!
    photo-3.JPG photo-8.JPG photo-9.JPG photo-10.JPG photo-11.JPG photo-12.JPG photo-13.JPG photo-14.JPG photo-15.JPG photo-16.JPG
  2. A few more pictures!
    photo-20.JPG photo-19.JPG photo-18.JPG photo-17.JPG
  3. Love the goodies! Congrats!
  4. Nice stuff! When you get sick of that pencil case just send it my way :biggrin:
  5. Great stuff! Congrats!
  6. :Partyhat: Happy Birthday!! I love the way you celebrate!!!
  7. Wowza!!!! Happy early birthday to you!!! Your goodies are stunning:smile:

  8. CONGRATS on ya goodies you did GREAT

    I laughed when I saw ya reveal - I said darnnnn we have the same comforter ;)
    It is in my spare room ;)
  9. That is funny; I love that comforter! You have good taste. :graucho:
  10. What a great haul!! :biggrin:
  11. Happy Birthday! And wow, what a fabulous birthday haul! I saw that Caroline in the store the other day for the first time and found it so stunning in person even though I never gave it a second look online.
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    Congrats, you had a great time!

    Please could you tell me the # of the pencil case - I think i'm in love!

    ETA - I found the #.
  13. Congrats on everything!
  14. wonderful bags! congrats and happy birthday
  15. Happy Birthday, and boy did you celebrate, Awesome gifts to yourself. Enjoy.