birthday LV decisions :)

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  1. My birthday is this month, and my mum surprised me by informing me she would like to buy me a brand new LV!
    I am so excited. The only two LVs I have are both hand me downs from my mum, and I love them. But now I geta brand new one!
    So my limit is $2200 though she really wants to limit it to $2000. I would like a bag that I can wear crossbody or on the shoulder, though shoulder only is ok. No satchels, I love them but I need my hands to be free. Also, something medium to small, I have a bad back so I can't carry anything too heavy.
    Both of my bags are the traditional mono, so maybe something in damier?
    I am so excited. I would love some suggestions, even some modeling pics. Any help would be appreciated :smile:
  2. Speedy 30 or 35 bandoulière with mon monogram :smile:
  3. How about portobello? It's in DE print or speedy B DE.. And a matching wallet?
  4. Bloomsbury and a wallet.
  5. Montaigne mm monogram it come with a shoulder strap
  6. DEFINITELY something in epi or vernis. how about the alma bb in epi or vernis (comes with crossbody strap)? the noe bb in epi leather is beautiful and it is crossbody. or the ana vernis clutch (which is actually a crossbody strap included AND a chain)? Since you already have canvas and mono stuff, you should go for the nicer materials, especially before the price increase.
  7. Speedy b 25 or Bloomsbury pm, have them both. I normally carry my Speedy b with only the two straps and use it mainly as a shoulder bag.
  8. I'd go with something in another print since you have 2 Mono.

    In DE:
    Damier Ebene Neverfull with matching wallet

    In DA:
    Damier Azur Neverfull with matching wallet
    Speedy B with matching wallet

    If you do stay with Mono:
    Delightful with matching accessory

    If you can put a little money with it, I'd go with an Empreinte Speedy!
  9. Agreed! :smile:
  10. I like to have my hands free too, with a bag that is not too heavy.
    Here would be my suggestions :
    Alma BB in vernis
    Siracusa PM (great for spring/summer and less widespread)
    I have all three but my modeling pics wouldn't give you the right idea since I'm almost 9months pregnant right now...
  11. DE Eva or alma BB ?
  12. How about the Alma bb in epi or vernis or speedy B in DE or metis in mono.
  13. Duly noted! One vote for the speedy :P
  14. One vote for the portobello and two votes for speedyb!
    The matchhing wallet is VERY tempting. Thanks for the tip!
  15. One vote for the bloomsbury and a second vote for a wallet! :graucho: