Birthday help please :D

  1. Hi guys,
    Its my birthday in a couple of weeks and hubby wants to buy me a paddy. Now, I usually carry a smaller purse, as I have a large MJ tote that I use on heavy days!.
    Could you give me your honest opinions on both bags please, - please do not be gentle, I really value your honest opinions :biggrin:
    midnight blue mini paddy with zip lid
    the new Taupe medium paddy

    Please let me know your thoughts (would also love to know if anybody has found the mini size, just too small) Thanks so much :heart: :flowers:
  2. I would go for the medium taupe paddy as I don't like the first. To me it looks out of proportion with the pretty long handles. But I don't like the new paddy styles anyway except for the tote and the classic which I just love to death. I hope you'll have a nice birthday!!
  3. The ziplid Paddy, imo, is a rarity. I have yet to see one in RL. Whereas the regular paddy satchel is definitely more common. I absolutely adore the color of the midnight blue. But that said, I do think the proportions of the ziplid leave something to be desired. I wonder if the body being so short whether the bag will feel offbalanced with the way the lock hangs so far forward.

    I would check them both out in rl if you can. If not, I would consider what your wardrobe goes with most. I do think the taupe is very versatile, but it definitely would not catch my attention as the midnight blue would.

    Good luck and Happy Birthday! I can't wait to see the pics!!
  4. I definetely like the med. paddy better. I have one in blanc and just love, love it.
  5. Happy Birthday!!! I love the med. paddy! Go for it!
  6. I think the ziplid could be a pain in the arse to get in and out of. I prefer the med satchel. Its really not a super big bag at all.
  7. Medium paddy, the color is great and it's a size that seems to fit a good amount of daily essentials.
  8. BalenciagaLove made great points. So how about a mini-paddy instead of either of the above? You seem concerned about size so perhaps the regular satchel isn't for you.... I'd go for option #3 in a color that makes it feel special!
  9. Ahh, thanks you guys, the only other Mini paddy I could find in stock at the moment is the tan, (I could get the wallet to go with it ;), could this be the solution :biggrin:
  10. I'd say take either the midnight because the colour is TDF or the mini. The medium just gets so heavy.
  11. I love that midnight blue color! I vote for that one :cool:
  12. I love the mini paddy - so cute!!! I vote for tan mini plus wallet!

    Happy Birthday!
  13. If you just want a little fun purse I would definately vote for the Midnight! But if you want another, more versatile day handbag, then the tan or the taupe is more suitable....

    But, but... the mini is just such a rockin' colour!!
  14. Thanks guys. I am loving all your comments. The more I look at them, I am still liking the midnight blue, as I think it might be easier to open and get into and out of quite quickly. The other two with the regular 2 zips into the middle, might be more work, especially on a mini size. ;)
  15. UPDATE !!!!
    Guccigirl went to Cricket in Liverpool today and very kindly checked out the midnight blue mini for me. She thinks is a great size and the colour is gorgeous, so......... I HAVE GONE FOR IT :biggrin:, I am really happy, as I think it is just that little bit different.

    What colour Chloe wallet would you recommend to compliment it please! I have never seen a midnight blue wallet so was thinking maybe taupe or tan, but any suggestions would be great!!!!

    I am one happy bunny!!!!