Birthday Haul Reveal.

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  1. Last year I spent my birthday in NYC. This year I was a bit confused as to a where I wanted to go for quick birthday weekend trip. So my boyfriend and I stayed home this year. I had such a wonderful day! Sleeping in, mani./ pedi.s, bubble tea (finally there's a store near me,) a successful mall trip, and a wonderful dinner at an old dinner club complete with dancing.

    Anyone want to see my birthday goodies?

  2. Me!
  3. First... Not too exciting but a few new lip colors...

  4. Pretty!
  5. Followed by my boyfriends gift to me...





    (I am a very lucky girl!)
  6. Happy Birthday!
  7. And finally my LV (gift to me and birthday $ from the family...)

    Box 1:


    Box 2:


    And Box 3:


    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462064469.343747.jpg (I am going to Chicago this week and was debating if I should wait and purchase then. So glad I didn't.)

  8. Here! Happy birthday
  9. And here's my goodies:

    (I needed a new wallet b/c I felt the Adele wasn't functional for me and I loved the look of the Empriente leather, the simple single snap, the room, and the name of course of the Sarah wallet.)
  10. I also wanted something a bit bigger than my Cles because I use it all the time as a mini wallet...

  11. And finally... I "needed" a simple black LV that could be used as casual and dressy so of course I needed this classic.

  12. I'm one lucky girl...


    Very lucky girl...

  13. Don't purchase in Chicago! I live here and tax is 10.2%! Ouch!

    Congrats on great items! Happy birthday! I have the Noir Cles too and love it!!
  14. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462064930.998671.jpg

    I love the way the diamond sits on my wrist but I also am loving the black and silver combo. Perfect jewelry to show off my Alma BB, or maybe a perfect Alma BB to show off my my beautiful bracelets?

  15. Thank you!

    I love being able to buy at Nordstroms to use my Nordstrom notes. The only time I feel like I'm getting LV at a discount !! I'm thinking of buying another Key Pouch in poppy but feel like maybe I should use this one first and make sure I like it. . I just love the poppy color too.