birthday gifts to myself.....

  1. so yesterday was my 22nd birthday (i'm starting to feel old :yucky:) and i just wanted to show you ladies some of the things i treated myself to on my special day was a an awesome day (other than the crappy weather which made me poured all morning so i got soaked, then it was really really cold and windy which didn't help my damp self, then the sun came out and it was blazing hot, then at night i was freezing again....all of which resulted in a sick jen :sad:) boyfriend took me out to lunch at union square cafe, my favorite restaurant ever (and he got a parking ticket which i feel really really bad about :cry:smile: and then his parents had an amazing dinner ready for me plus gifts and i just love his family sososososo much :love:.....but back to my gifts........ :yes:
  2. first up is a black hermes scarf ring ;)......this was a totally frivolous purchase since i own like zero scarves, but i just loved the way this felt in my hands and had to have it :lol:
    other stuff 002.jpg
  3. next up is an LV wallet my boyfriend bought me to replace my beat up old gucci one.....i totally love it since it's essentially the same shape/design as my old one :flowers: and it's also kinda romantic cuz i bought him an LV wallet for his birthday last year :rolleyes:
    other stuff 003.jpg
  4. Happy Birthday! Glad you had a great one! Enjoy those great gifts!
  5. cute! happy birthday. i know how you feel about being old, i turned 25 and i'm ancient.
  6. and here's a cute gucci bag i bought for myself, with my LV cherry blossoms scarf tied to it :heart:.....i love that scarf and i think it really pops against the black background......and i love the bag as an everyday throw around worried about dirt since it's black :lol:
    other stuff 004.jpg other stuff 001.jpg
  7. Happy Birthday, jc!! Sorry you got sick, but you have some really nice pick-me-up presents! :biggrin:

    Edit - just saw the bag and scarf! They're beautiful!! :heart: :heart::love:
  8. cute gucci bag!!! that's a nice touch with the pink scarf.
  9. Love that gucci! Happy belated bday!
  10. and my favorite (and cheapest :P) purchase......a black chanel cuff :flowers:.........i stopped by all the NYC chanels and they told me they were sold out nationwide but i found it at hirshleifer's at manhasset....i was sosososo happy :yahoo:
    chanel cuff 001.jpg chanel cuff 002.jpg chanel cuff 003.jpg chanel cuff 004.jpg chanel cuff 006.jpg chanel cuff 007.jpg chanel cuff 011.jpg
  11. Happy Belated B-Day!!! Yay:biggrin::biggrin:
    Thats a cute Gucci you bought, and WOW I LOVE that Chanel cuff!
  12. thanks everybody :yes:.....i hated being away from the forum (i hate to be away for more than a day...i feel so out of the loop when i get back :hrmm:) but yesterday was definitely worth it :P
  13. and fayden you're not ancient....yet :P......but my boyfriend was teasing me about getting my senior discount soon :rant:
  14. Wow, great gifts! Happy Birthday:yahoo: !
  15. i love that chanel cuff!!!! it fits too!