Birthday gifts for your kid's school friends?

  1. Why is it that almost every kid in my son's kindergarten class was born in June? I mean, really, what is so special about September that everybody and their mother (literally!) is playing hide the salami and getting knocked up in September and therefore having a slew of kids with June birthdays?:graucho:

    My son has been to 4 birthday parties already this month and this weekend he has one each day-Friday after school, Saturday and Sunday. They have a rule at his school that if you aren't going to invite the entire class to the party (my son's class has 23 kids-that is about the norm around here), then instead of giving out the invites at school-you are to mail them home. We just got 2 more invites at home today! The little bugger is popular I msut say-but, I am going broke!@ I am going to have to tell him to stop being so darn friendly to everybody! LOL

    Anyway-this week, i am copping out-each kid is getting a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble (I already told hubby to pick up 3 of them on his way home-he was like -3?????)-I usually take my son to the toy store and he picks out something for the friend-we have this thing where the kid gets a main gift and then also a little animal. But, I just can't deal with having him in the toy store picking out 3 gifts-so, gift cards it is. Maybe i will still take him to the store and have him pick out an animal for each kid though.

    Those of youw ith school age children-are your kids constantly going to birthday parties? And, what do you usually get the birthday child?

    Oh-and do you invite the entire class to your child's party? we did this year-my son is the youngest in his class by far-he has a late November birthday-he just turned 5 in November while all the other kids are turning 6 on their birthdays. But, next year-we are going to have a much smaller party.
  2. Well I have been there and having two 12 year olds and a five year old we have done every birthday scenerio.
    For gifts when they are younger like under 7 I like to give a tangible gift. But over 8 I give cash or gift cards. My 12 year old son just had his birthday this weekend and invited his whole class plus other totalling 50 invites. 45 showed, and we had it outside. This is not the norm and it was a HUGE party but boy did he hit the jackpot in gifts! By far cash was the most given the average was about $25 in cash. He recieved 33 cash gifts, 10 gift cards and the rest were actual gifts. I usually give a gift card although now I think I will be doing cash as that seems to be the norm.
    When my son was little like yours we would always invite the whole class. We have had so many cool theme parties it would make your head spin. If you need some ideas let me know. I have done them on EVERY budget so it doesnt have to cost a fortune, you just have to plan well.
    Good luck
  3. My kids are older now (12 & 15), so I mainly give gift cards or cash now. Even for younger kids, that can still be a good way to go because they are probably getting a lot of little small gifts anyway, and I always figure kids these days might be saving up for something bigger like video games, etc.
  4. So-do you all think it is horrible of me to be giving gift cards to kids turning 6?
  5. NO!! Not at all!! I am sure they will appreciate it. I just didnt personally do it because at that age my kids didnt know about gift cards..but actually come to think of it. My five year old has gotten them and got the concept!! LOL
  6. LOL! Yes, I am sure with you for his mama-he knows all about shopping! ;) I thought it was ok because my 5 year old got a gift card to B&N for Christmas from his half sister and he enjoyed going to the store and buying something with his "own" money-thanks!
  7. I hear ya! LOL Sometimes I just can't take the girl's to every party...too many!
    I think a gift card is great.

    I generally stop at the dollar store and pick up tons of little items as "add ons" They have disney crayons, markers, glitter pens, stickers, coloring books and tons more. I have a box full, ready to go.
    I get them something more $$ or a gift card + use those add-on items. Most young kids like getting 4 small items vs 1 bigger one.
  8. My 5 year old loves his credit cards!! (aka gift cards) He LOVES when peolpe give him gift cards he can spend on his own!!! It's a hassle for me-- toys r us with a 5 year old w/ money to burn- oh joy!
    I normally give his friends gifts-- Legos, etc. for boys; Barbies, etc for girls unless I run out of time and/or ideas.
  9. any gift is better than no gift. My daughter is 7 and we have the same problem. All of her friends have birthdays in June. Luckily they all love those silly Bratz dolls so I get them from TRU online for $7.99 shipped. If that wasn't available I'd have to get a gc but I'm always uncomfortable doing that because I never know what's an appropriate amount.
  10. I think its usually appropriate to give according to what the party is. For example. A home party with Cake and playtime would be $10-15 a party at chuck e cheese would be $15-20 and say your kid was invited for a sleepover, dinner, and a night at a amusement park then you would give $20-35. Thats how its done in our area.
  11. My daughter has been to 3 birthday parties in the last 3 weeks, so I understand what your saying!!!!! Her friends just turned 7 so we give gift cards to Barnes and Noble a lot, or Polly Pockets (very popular for the girls these days). My daughter always loves receiving gift cards, especially to Barnes and Noble, as she loves to read.
  12. Haha!! My son is a June baby and has 3 parties to attend this month! Since his classmates are 4 and 5 years old, I give the same gift: $10 or $15 gift card to Target. I figure Target is perfect because it has everything kids would want to buy (books, dvds, toys).

    I do like the idea of a Barnes & Noble gift card...I'll try that next time.:cool:
  13. I just gave a goldfish as a a little carrying case, with the food...and the kid was over the moon!!! It may be my gift of choice (with the parents permission) is affordable, and cool...also someone gave my son a hermit crab one time and he loved it! Although with all those may need your own damn pond outside!!!
  14. Alot of times when my kids (8 and 11) are invited to a party I organize a group gift. We ended up getting a PS/2 or PS/3 (I can't remember which) for one of my older son's friend who is on his soccer team. I got about $300 from everyone who was invited- it was great and he loved it! The other parent's were more than happy to send me the money and I just went and bought and wrapped it.
  15. I have 5 kids and all of them are about 2 years apart so I just recycle gifts--whatever presents kid#1 (b-day is in June too:P)didnt like and couldn't return we will just recycle it out amongst my other kids friends :wlae: otherwise I give out cash :P