Birthday gifts for 13 year old twins

  1. What would you get as gifts for 13 year old boy and girl twins? They are having their first real party but I need a great gift. Would a trip to Paris be overkill? Jewelry? I'm lost.
  2. Video games. That's the only thing any 13 year old wants. Unless they are skaters. In that case they would like the video games piled onto a $500 skateboard.
  3. How much are you willing to spend?
  4. These are my only kids so short of ending up homeless I guess I'm open. They are great kids, honor roll, etc. Video games are not really popular though in our house. I know I'm raising aliens. Also there will be no more parties until they graduate high school. For their 16th, they have informed me they want to go on an African safari.
  5. If you're taking them to Africa in 3 years, I'd not do a trip for this birthday, at least out of the country.

    What are their main interests?
  6. When I turned 13, my parents took us on a vacation to Six Flags. I know I had the best time, since I'm a hardcore rollercoaster fan. Maybe a trip to an amusement park?
  7. He plays football, basketball and baseball. She dances. We have season tickets to the Bulls so that is out as a special gift so I'm really lost.
  8. How about a trip to NYC? You can go watch a ballgame, then see the ballet. :smile:
  9. ^Unfortunately, we also do that each summer. My husband and I each take a trip with each twin each year. My daughter and I go to NYC for a play and my son and husband travel each fall to a new ballpark. I guess we are making it hard on ourselves huh.
  10. Hot air balloon ride?
  11. must be hard to top yourselves sometimes!
  12. How about laptops??? Pink for your girl....and something cool for your son. Or do they already have their own????

    I would also think video games...such as the PSP or Nintendo DS. They are handheld...and very cool! My kids use theirs all the time! about their own small flatscreen televisions in their rooms???
  13. If you budget can allow it - don't see why a trip to Paris would be overkill... especially since you have established weekend jaunts as special occasions.

    I don't know what dates you are looking at - but Rudolf Nureyez is going to be choreographing the Nutcracker in November at the Opera Garnier (the 'older' opera house in Paris - as opposed to the Opera Bastille). A highlight to the trip such as that would certainly make it a lifetime memory for your daughter. I can't think of an equivalent highlight for you sporty son... does he have any other passions????

    Another alternative - have they upgraded their bedrooms to 'teenage' bedrooms??? Might allowing them to redesign their rooms be an idea?