birthday gift

  1. hi!!! just want to ask your opinion on what bag should i get for my birthday??

    im thinking of speedy 25 (mono or damier) and a multicolore (black) pochette...speedy since its a classic...pochette since i can use it for night outs...:graucho:

    i already have a poppincourt haut and a damier papillon :smile:

    thanks so much :smile:
  2. looks like you've got it all figured out! :lol:

    if you want the Speedy, get it in Damier. the Mono one has been faked to tears, and it's much too common now.
  3. I think you should go for speedy 25 in epi since you already have a mono and a damier bag in your collection!:idea:
  4. I agree with Irene, get Speedy in epi
  5. Ooooh, an Epi Speedy would be great!!!:heart: But, if the choice is between a Speedy in Mono or Damier and a MC Pochette, my rec is for the Damier Speedy. :yes:
  6. Tough choice! Both are great bags. I'd actually get a pochette in your case - you've already got the Poppincourt, which is a good sized bag and the Papillon, which is a bit smaller but fun.

    I think the pochette would round out your collection a bit, and giive you a goot evening bag, whereas the Speedy is more of a day bag.
  7. irene, you always know what louis vuitton is just right!
  8. thanks girls!!! =)
  9. i'm not a big dans of pochette, so i would say speedy in damier
  10. An MC pochette and an epi or damier speedy would be great additions to your collection!
  11. i think ill get the mc pochette in black bday is on the 26th and there is a long waiting list for the damier speedy here in the phils...epi will definitely be next on my list if i dont get the damier speedy :graucho:

    thanks for the replies girls :smile:
  12. speedy in damier definitely. i think it looks sooo much cuter!
  13. I vote for a pochette, since it's a different kind of bag. I'm not fond of the MC line, but you must get what you want :smile:

    By the way, happy birthday!!
  14. thanks sora! =)
  15. i'd get something from the damier azure line!